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CBN Sleep Spray

CBN Sleep Spray

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The Sleep Spray is Vlasic Labs’ first product to hit the shelves. By formulating with pure CBN and CBD isolate, the final product provides more potency and consistency than competitive brands. 

Active Ingredients: CBN Isolate and CBD Isolate

Dosing: 20mg / 3 sprays (1,000mg total)


Shake well before use. 30 minutes before bedtime, take 3 sprays. Increase by 1 spray per night if necessary, up to a maximum of 6 sprays.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Sleep spray for the win!!!

I got a bottle of sleep spray and it’s the best product I’ve ever used! Normally, I lay awake until 4 AM wide eyed and brain churning. It takes about an hour on me, but it casually makes my eyelids too heavy to lift and totally eliminates the temptation of YouTube or Netflix. I work late and my sleep schedule is nonexistent, With this, I can choose when to fall asleep and stay asleep! I would buy a gallon with a pump if they sold it! I only spent the time to review this because it’s something that truly works, and I hope it benefits other like-minded individuals as much as it has me!

Richard Murphy
Sleep spray

Definitely helps me relax before bed

Sandy Shinkle

Not received

Paul Sullivan Connell
Sleep Spray

Simply awesome!!!

Janet Poole

Trouble getting the best dosage of the CBN. Other than that I like that I sleep better. Melatonin for me does not work. It keeps me awake. Not sure how to use just the CBD drops. So I use the sleep spray and CBN drops.