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CBD Full Spectrum Sports Roll-on

CBD Full Spectrum Sports Roll-on

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The Full Spectrum CBD Roll-On offers a potent formula in a convenient and mess-free applicator.

Active Ingredient: CBD Full Spectrum Distillate

Dosing: 1,000mg/oz (3,000mg per Applicator)


Use the roller ball to massage the product into the affected area. Product can be used on multiple body parts, including knee, elbow, and shoulder joints. Increase amount as needed. Store in a cool, dry place.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
The most relieved I found!!

I have an undiagnosed muscle condition. From my head, to my feet. The worst being my upper back, my ribs, neck and my thighs. They spasm, and badly ache ALL the time. Frequently, they lock-up, get very rigid, and stay flexed for hours, sometimes days at a time. It's all very painful. I've been prescribed many different muscle relaxers, nerve pain meds, and topical lotions/patches, and (mild) pain meds. I've always refused to take opioids and the like .
I've seen numerous doctors, specialists, and tried many alternatives like acupuncture, massage, injections, chiropractic care, physical therapy and herbs and oils, tens units, H-wave, massage chair, hot tub etc. I've smoked cannabis natural and oil vape. Done other brand CBD oil and gummies. Out of everything I've tried, been prescribed, or treatments I've been referred to by doctors, nothing has worked nearly as well as this. My pain does not go away, by any means, but does reduce it by maybe 50% for a few hours . And that is a huge improvement! It allows me to breathe without stabbing pains in my rib muscles. It allows me to walk and sit for short periods of times. It allows me to fall asleep without crying, and sleep for three or four hours at a time. I'm down to only two prescription meds, and low dose THC/ CBD gummies. Thank God! I was on several meds, but they caused my colon to stop working 9 months ago . It literally stopped moving, caused a large section of it to drop and twist and die- off , resulting in emergency surgery and removal of the dead section. I was very close to death and am fortunate to have pulled through!! Although I honestly wished I hadn't at that time. But I found this Vlasic Full Spectrum 3000 mg Sports Roll-On, and the Relief Cream, a few months after, and my quality of life has improved and has become bearable. I'm so thankful to have found this product! I am going to look into Vlasic gummies as well, but I'm not sure what would work best!

Full spectrum 3000

Bought my first roll on bottle of this full spectrum 3000 on a suggestion from a friend. I was skeptical but decided to try. So glad I did. This stuff works wonders for aches and pains from joints and muscles. IT WORKS! I will keep this in stock at home now.

Works wonders

Easy to apply without getting it on your hands. Starts working right away and eliminates pain in my low back and traps. I highly recommend.

Randall Piazza

Helps with the inflammation in my lower back joints. This my 4th bottle.

Phyllis A
It Works!

I'm always doubtful about such products but the CBD works to help alleviate my pain after surgery.